Richie to release a song every month
Posted on: 2012-Jun-07        233music
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Richie Mensah, a talented music icon has promised his fans to release a song every single month until September. He wrote on his facebook fanpage on 2nd June 2012 that

“My Changing Faces album will be released in September 2012.But until then I’m gonna release a new single from the album each month.”

In an interview with prime FM he said he was doing this so that his fans would get a chance to hear all the songs on the album since a large number of Ghanaians do not get the opportunity to hear the full album. He has already released one single “I Can’t Deny” and the video for “Changing Faces.” Many of his fans got to see a different face of Richie with his braids which (fortunately or unfortunately) he cut off in the latter part of the video.

This young artiste is known for his versatility and promised listeners that almost every genre of music would be found on his upcoming album. This would be his third album following “All of Me-2008” and “UKNR-2010”.**