I wanted to nail Becca -- Samini
Posted on: 2010-Oct-26        Joy fm
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Samini has let out a highly prized secret about who he would have loved to play some cat-and-dog games with in the music industry. The man who says he is a lover of women says he would have loved to nail Becca of You Lied To Me fame.

“At some point I wanted to nail Becca, but anytime she is coming for any work with me she’s got that same crew around her”, the dancehall king of Africa said, adding that the chemistry between the two is very visible to both camps.

Becca featured Samini in her song Fire aka Ogya and Samini admits, it was the first time the two were together on the same set.

Samini who has just released his new album entitled CEO, was explaining the motive behind the title to Sammy Forson on the Celebrity Show on ETV in Accra. He says in his quest to create a unique identity for the album he dug deep into his persona:

“I don’t play with my performance on stage. I have got tapes and legacies to prove it. So I titled myself as the CEO and found a meaning to it as the Crucial Entertainment Outlaw. Outlaw in the sense that you can’t restrict me to what I can bring out in me when I am put to the task.”

The constant hits maker feels proud to be a father of three lovely girls; Toela ,6, Yeleson, 1, and three month old Somana who are mothered by two women. He describes the names of the girls as authentic and original Dagarti names and insists that “you have to call the kids names that when you call they feel they belong.”

The man who expresses his undying love for the three girls describes himself as a “father of nations” who has the same respect for the two mothers of his children. Samini smartly dribbles Sammy Forson when he was asked whether he was married. He found it pretty convenient avoiding the dictionary that contains the Yes and No words.

But on the issue of the use of drugs by artistes, the “Sweet Mistake’ singer believes all artistes should be allowed to explore whatever allows them to get to the “climax of their creativity.”

Samini said that as a dedicated musician, his music comes from some experiences gathered in his youthful life.

“I like to live the work and I like to let the receiving end also live the experience, so I write thinking very, very deep and I like to involve everybody else. So the little experience that I have, I make sure I incorporate it into my composition.”

When you meet Samini around town, remember he is a CEO, a father, a dedicated musician and a rasta man who prefers dreads to a low haircut.