Wutah Kobby flops @ Bola Ray’s party
Posted on: 2010-Oct-13        News One
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After his alleged manipulation of the split of the duo Wutah, one of the members of the group, Wutah Kobby appeared at Bola Ray’s Empire Entertainment ‘101010’ celebrity party at La Pleasure beach on Sunday as a solo artiste.

That was the first time The News-One newspaper spotted the dude on stage after the Wutah split. He was introduced on stage by fellow artiste Reggie Zippy who performed before him. The audience waited in anticipation to witness how he would rock without his brother. But the artiste was nothing near what the duo Wutah was known for. After performing his ‘Tsotsoo’ song on his latest album, he was found wanting and was therefore left with no choice but to perform songs by Wutah as a duo.

This raised a number of questions as to whether he had the right to perform songs by Wutah. It was however not clear if the duo, before the split, went into any agreement where any of them could use their song on stage without the other member. However, that did not change the fact Kobby performed below expectation as a number of fans watched him perform without signs of enjoying his act.

A slight drizzle had turned into a downpour, and it threatened to mar the ‘101010’ party. However, Accra’s party animals proved that nothing would stand in the way of their enjoying the party to the fullest.